Monday, March 7, 2011

Stripey Me!

Mossimo striped top, belt, and handbag (Target), Forever 21 jeans and boots, Michael Kors watch

This is one of the first outfit of the days where I've taken several pictures and tried to make something different from my usual videos. I don't have a someone to take pictures of me or a high end camera (although I wish I did). For now all I have is my Mac and Photo Booth :)

I really like these types of posts so expect more of these. What kind of outfits would you guys like to see styled? Share your ideas below.



  1. I love this outfit, this is something I would totally wear. Very chic. Well if you had no one to take pics how did you do it? lol The pics came out great and the lighting is soft I like this post.

  2. I would like to see a girls night out outfit!

  3. i love your outfits girl!! you give me sooo much inspiration with my looks :]
    p.s. ill be your personal photographer lol

  4. you always find a way to make the most daring pieces become the most amazing outfits ever!! i absolutely love your style..!!