Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spoiled Brats!

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Sometimes it is fun to just turn on the TV, channel surf, and find something interesting to put on and listen to in the background (especially when I'm cleaning my room).

Today I stumbled upon a show called "You're Cut Off!" on VH1. Just seeing the preview in the beginning of the show was unbelievable. I'm currently watching the second episode of the show where the girls have to do various chores. As soon as I started watching I knew I had to jump onto my blog and write something up.

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This show is basically about nine "princesses" that get cut off by their families because they're fed up with them. Talk about DRAMA!

Here is an example of the way that some of these girls think, at least according to Gia, one of the cast members: "If you own or carry a Louis Vuitton you do not pick up a mop[...]".

Seriously? So I guess I should just sit around and my house will magically clean itself lol ;)

I'm loving this show. It's one of those shows that draws you in and you can't stop watching. Call me superficial or spoiled but I love this :)


I'll leave you with one final thought: having money doesn't automatically make you classy. Class is a way of carrying yourself, not how much you have in your bank account ;)

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  1. Most of those chicks are clueless to what is really important in life, and they are nowhere near independent women yet.